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“The gentlest skincare products I’ve discovered are the hypo-allergenic Calmin products.  Excellent for anyone with sensitive skin.”


Dear Kevin Cecilia, I have been using Calmin products for some months now and I wanted to provide some feedback. I came across your website by accident and decided to try your products, I was sceptical at first as I had tried many different products over the years to try to reduce the redness and spots on my face. On the odd occasion that I used make I found that it made my skin come out in blotches, so I rarely used it as for me it was not worth the hassle. When I went on holiday ( I always use factor 50 on my face) I always received comments from people like “ you have stayed out in the sun too long isn’t your face red, this obviously led me to be more self-conscious about my face. Since I have been using your products their as been a marked improvement which both my family and friends have noticed and commented upon. I have just recently returned from holiday an for the first time in many years I received no comments from anyone on the redness on my face! Amazing! I also bought your foundation and not only did I not get any blotches I enjoyed using the product. I am absolutely delighted with the improvement of my acne rosacea, the Calmin range is amazing and you do see good results. Kind Regards D. Results may vary*.

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I have tried many lo’s and po’s in the past to try to reduce the redness and acne spots on my face, but to no avail. I found your web site and read some of the testimonials and so half-heartedly I ordered your CALMIN products. Within 2 weeks the redness had dramatically reduced and hardly any signs of spots.
Absolutely delighted, but still doubting it could last, I decided not to write to you until I had allowed a good length of time to pass to see if it really did continue to work.
Four months later I’m delighted to say, that the redness is amazingly gone, leaving only a light blush. The spots are minuscule, if at all. So I would just like to add my voice as so many people have and say the CALMIN range truly is a wonder and does have lasting effects,
Jannine Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I look forward to receiving the samples. I am a GP and know several patients who are fellow Rosacea sufferers. It may be that CALMIN rosacea would also help them with the condition…Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I have ordered CALMIN rosacea cleanser. So far no irritation on application so I shall try the products over time. I have had several register interest in your products. I should be grateful if you could send me additional samples for them to try. Regards Janice (DR) Results may vary*

My Doctor recommended your Site . Heather.” Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

…But the best thing is that i received my CALMIN rosacea moisturiser and cleanser and my flare up has calmed down completely!! It’s amazing, thank you so much. It’s almost like i’m starting to heal from a layer of skin being burnt off, – maybe that was what the gel did to me…. C Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

“Over the last 5 years the skin on my face had gradually become more and more sensitive skin to the point where even tap water could leave my forehead covered in red spots which at best would take an hour or so to recede. This was coupled with red patches next to my nose. Both cheeks and forehead were extremely dry and prone to outbreaks every couple of weeks. Whilst I was not the worst afflicted by rosacea by any means,- it is no overstatement to say that between them the CALMIN products have completely given me back my ‘old’ skin for which I am very grateful indeed. No dryness, no spots, no redness and no outbreaks – quite amazing! Ian “. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I have used the Calmin  cream for two weeks and so far, it has worked exceptionally well for my skin. I am really happy with it. Laura  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I will continue with these products forever if early results are anything to go by. Thankyou for a very helpful informative site. Acne Rosacea has been the bane of my life and has often affected my confidence Kevin, Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thanks very much for your prompt response. I did not want to run out of the product hence got a bit worried ( I can’t think/imagine to put any other product on my face).I would like to take is opportunity to say what a lovely product this is. I use CALMIN Rosacea skin care products and follow the guideline from the leaflet enclosed and no one can tell I have Rosacea. On my second visit to the skin specialist he was well impressed and surprised with the progress. I don’t know what I would have done without this product. Once again thank you very much. Regards Kumud Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Dear Kevin and CeciliaI have just placed a second order for your CALMIN Rosacea & Sensitive skin care products which I have been using now for rosacea for about 3 months. I won’t write a long testimonial but I do want to pass on my thanks. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

“Firstly thank you for your prompt delivery of the two CALMIN products…. I now understand why the products are called CALMIN because that is exactly what they did as soon as I applied the products. Immediately they took the ‘anger’ out of my [acne prone] skin. I really could feel it……. I know CALMIN does not cure the condition but, wow, does it make it more bearable. I had a couple of break-outs just on the edge of my nose last week and I definitely think that the products stopped them getting worse and they didnt last as long. I feel so much better in myself now that my skin is looking more like it used to….. I will be ordering more CALMIN from you shortly….Regards Julie” acne sufferer “I have to say I am really delighted with the CALMIN Cleanser and Moisturiser……. My skin looks soft and radiant after 2 months of using CALMIN, so well done in creating a product that actually works and also doesn’t cost a fortune! Thank you for your printed information which is very useful, particularly on Niacin, …….I look forward to ordering with you again. Kind regards, Mary.”  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

“I have just ordered another of your CALMIN kits and just wanted to write to you to tell you how much improved my skin feels after just a couple of weeks of use of this product. My skin looks less red and all the pustules have actually gone, as well as the awful itchiness!….. Marion” acne”I recently purchased the CALMIN rosacea products …..Having tried the product for almost two weeks I am absolutely delighted with the results and would like to purchase more…..Many thanks. Veronica UK” Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Having successfully ordered (CALMIN rosacea) cleansing products on the below site, I must firstly add that having used both cleanser and moisturiser, my skin is 100% better…many thanks… Chris  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I was given a sample of your excellent ultra mild cleanser… and liked it so much I placed an order for it and your moisturiser earlier this evening…. Unfortunately in my excitement at finding a product which actually makes my rosacea a little less inflamed (thank you !!) I made a mistake in inputting the address to which the products should be delivered….Theresa,  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

“.. I emailed you a few weeks ago telling you how successful the laser treatment had been my face is almost back to normal. I’ve been been using the new CALMIN rosacea moisturiser for two/three weeks now, and have absolutely no problem with it at all. My skin was hyper hyper sensitive (I can tell within 10 minutes of putting anything on my skin if it is going to irritate…burning sensation, redness etc). Since using the CALMIN rosacea lotion my skin looks better than ever.  Also the CALMIN rosacea moisturiser is lovely under foundation…i’m really pleased with it. I hope other rosacea sufferers finally get their skin under control. I feel so much happier now that I have. Best Wishes karen”  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

“.. I bought a single bottle of the above [CALMIN Rosacea Ultra Mild Cleanser] – and am delighted with it….[Customer reordering 6 tubes]……Thanks again for introducing such a great product! Julia”  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thank you so much for sending samples of your cleansing cream and moisturiser to my friend in Newcastle. He sent them airmail registered to me, and I am delighted. I have used them for only a few days, but have had no reaction so far, and the redness of my cheeks is CALMINg down. I shall definitely be taking your internet site address and the slip you sent with the parcel to my dermatologist when I see him again in a few weeks time and have placed an order….My problem was not just rough reddened skin like my friend’s (which doesn’t swell) but my face swelled up like a tomato when I put moisturisers onto it. So I didn’t know what to call it, but my dermatologist has told me it was a very mild form of rosacea, and that when I put ordinary moisturisers onto it, they set of allergies that I have and then it developed into what he called “contact dermatitis” or very bad excema. My face would become red, hot, very swollen and sore, and then when I discontinued the product and let it “dry out” (very uncomfortable) it would finally peel. Pat  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thanks for replying. I actually received the products today, so sorry for the concern. I was just desperate to get them, as I had run out! Aileen Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thank you, I just have to say how pleased I am with the products, and also the speed with which they arrived. Amazing. Claire Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thank you Your products and advice had made a real big difference to my face -x Jackie  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

No doubt I will be intouch again next year to re-order. I am very happy with the CALMIN rosacea range. Esme Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Re CALMIN rosacea order Rosacea……i am running out of my CALMIN rosacea supply and would be gratefull to receive it as soon as possible.. M  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

.. I’m also really impressed with your products; my skin tends to get very red and sore with just about everything else I use, so it’s really nice to now have a face that doesn’t look and feel like it’s been out in the sun too long! ..really can’t thank you enough, you’ve just earned a customer for life here! Thanks again :o) Lauren.  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

My gp recommended your site after diagnosing a “text book classic” case of acne rosacea for me today… Carol Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thanks for responding Kevin, I am sure you must get fed up with people throwing their worries and issues at you rather than people sending you uplifting e-mails. Well I can tell you that I sat down with my wife on Saturday night and had a good long talk, I had been bottling things up but released them and it felt good. Whilst I am not confessing to be back to 100% yet, I have found the strength to be more positive, as they say, there are always people worst off than myself. I have a mild case of Rosacea and I have to be grateful that I have a chance of controlling it albeit leaving out some of the things that make life more tolerable! As I stated before, I have a fantastic wife and a great family so I am sure I will get through this someway shape or form! Anyway I will leave you in peace now, thanks for listening, thanks for responding and thanks for setting up a website and service to all Rosacea sufferers, it takes a lot of strength to deal with Rosacea in all forms and levels but it also takes extra strength to get up and do something about it, you have done that so you deserve a lot of gratitude from people like myself. Thanks Again. Best Wishes for the future, IN ,  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

CALMIN rosacea skincare is very soothing and I shall be reordering, and with the correct address! Regards Diana  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Many thanks, your CALMIN acne products fab! Best, Bethan Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

…But the best thing is that i received my CALMIN rosacea moisturiser and cleanser and my flare up has calmed down completely!! It’s amazing, thank you so much. It’s almost like i’m starting to heal from a layer of skin being burnt off, – maybe that was what the *** did to me…. C  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I have received your CALMIN rosacea face cream and am delighted with it. I didnt really expect it to be as good as it is. I would like the free sample of the CALMIN rosacea cleanser and also the sample of the face cream as I know someone else who may benefit from it… Lena  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

….I have been a fan of your CALMIN products for a year now .. Jennie  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I need some info and I’m hoping you can help me. I use your cleansing lotion and I love the CALMINg effect it has on my face – thank you!!…. Mary Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I have rosacea, very sensitive and rather dry skin.I purchased CALMIN rosacea cleanser and cream from your site it has helped my skin greatly ( my face is no longer sore all the time)… Jill  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thank you for your great CALMIN rosacea products! Kate Dable  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Hi thanks for the reply but in the meantime the more I read the more I liked the sound of it, so went ahead and ordered some I got it on Saturday and so far so good and I have the most sensitive rosacea skin in creation usually if I use a moisturiser for a few days I have more spots than normal and it does seem to be doing what it its called and CALMINg thanks for the helpful service.Regards Maureen  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thankyou for your replies Kevin. I look forward to receiving the samples. I am a GP and know several patients who are fellow Rosacea sufferers. It may be that CALMIN rosacea would also help them with the condition…..  Results may vary*

Kevin I have ordered CALMIN rosacea cleanser and cream today. So far no irritation on application so I shall try the products over time. I have had several register interest your products. I should be grateful if you could send me additional samples for them to try. Regards Janice (DR)  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I looked at them with caution this morning before I used them because I am fed up with products promising the earth and leaving me with a bright red, rashy, bumpy, sore, patchy, burning skin!!!I reserved the pleasure of using them until after doing my housework and having a shower, only about 2 hours ago – and when I have now come to look at myself again in the mirror I am quite amazed at how “normal” I look…..First off, the products calm the skin immediately when they go on – and I have no burning. They also smell deliciously pure and clean, and are the perfect texture. I do now have a phobia about putting anything thick or heavy on my face, and your creams are as light as a feather.Being a business person myself, I am not sure how much of a commerical enterprise you have got going with your products. However, I really do think you should shout them from the rooftops. I certainly will.If you put any of my feedback on your website, I would like to say that any sceptical person sitting out there reading it, and wondering whether to risk another product on their face as well as the possible anticipation and then disappointment that brings should absolutely try it….Paula  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Its been a couple of weeks since i found your site on google after deciding that I had rosacea. It’s been a very very interesting read and very informative. I have already bought your products and found the CALMIN rosacea moisturiser and cleanser really helpful. Kay  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I placed this order yesterday and wondered if you could post it out for me as soon as possible. It’s just that I am going on holiday next week and really, really want to take these amazing creams with me. Thank you so very much. Kind Regards Helen  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Kevin, Thank you for getting back to me. Never apologise for the time it takes you to get back to people – I don’t know how you cope! Thank you for the advice but most of all for the time and the empathy – 2 of the most precious things. I’ll write again after I try your products. Don’t bother replying now – that’s one less e-mail for you! Hope you are keeping well…. Anne  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I am happy with the CALMIN rosacea products and will order some more, .. Stephanie  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

…am already beginning to see a difference so am really glad i found your web site. Will be ordering some more CALMIN soon. Thanks again Regards Ingrid  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Hi I get on with your your CALMIN rosacea creams well,.. Julie  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*


Now i’ve stopped using the steroid cream on my face – which i didn’t realise was a steroid and had been using for a long time (over 1 1/2 years), and started using CALMIN rosacea cleanser and moisturiser, my face has completely cleared up, the antibiotics have cleared the bumps/spot things (although i have another month of them – they make me feel sick for an hour each morning when i take them but hey ho!). My face is seriously like new, i’ve never had skin that looks so good, i look in the mirror and want to cry with happiness! …..I am definitely going to continue using CALMIN rosacea as it’s amazing – before i used the steroids my face was dry and would get red around my nose – that’s when i was told it was eczema – and now, this cream is amazing so thank you so much for that. C UK rosacea Thank you so much for your great product. I ordered from you last year… Caroline  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary* (See NHS website for confirmation of steroidal creams being contraindicated for Rosacea)

I think your products and service have been excellent. I have recommended you to two friends who have suffered the problems of sensitive skin and they have both been delighted with the products. Well done, and thank you… unsigned Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I would like to order some more of your CALMIN rosacea products, but I have misplaced my order form. Please would you send me a form and price list – URGENTLY – I do not want to run out of you products. Thank you.. Rosemary  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

…I use CALMIN rosacea cleanser and moisturiser which are the only products I can use without irritating my condition…. Victoria  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

” love the creams and will continue to use them, Thanks again Georgia”  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Firstly your Internet site is absolutely brilliant and it gave me a lot of help just by reading it. I have now been using the products you supplied for 1 week and already I am seeing an improvement like I have never seen before, The change is fantastic , The document you send out regarding triggers has also been very useful I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate the effort that you have put into helping others, I’m sure you have made a difference to a great number of people and I would recommend your site to anyone with similar problems. Thank you Richard” Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

“I simply must tell you just how wonderful your products that come with the full regimen are! I first looked at your sight last year I ordered your Calmin products —–WOW! In just 4 days I could tell the difference — the dry flaky patches were gone — the redness is gone by 80%— and now after a month —my complexion is fantastic!…. Veronica.  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I am 41 years old and have had rosacea since I was a teenager. In fact I thought that the only good thing about reaching 40 was the possibility that my skin would improve with maturity. How wrong could I be!  I tried …… cream with limited success. I have used endless problem skin products in my quest for spot free skin.I then discovered your web site and decided to give the CALMIN treatments a go. I have been using them for three weeks and I am so pleased with the results so far. My skin feels softer and the overall condition has improved. It is less oily and there are fewer erruptions . I will continue with these products forever if early results are anything to go by. Thankyou for a very helpful informative site. [acne prone skin] has been the bane of my life and has often affected my confidence . I would recommend the treatments[editors note our products are not treatments for medical conditions but skin care products] to anyone. D. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Just a quick reply to let you know how things are going. I ordered some products from you and I must say, I’ve been really impressed. My problems have diminished in just a week to a level where I would say I’d settle for, the redness and flakiness reduced by about 75%. People have stopped staring (and wondering whether it’s contagious!) and that has helped me no end. I feel fortunate to have stumbled on your site and advice so soon; . here’s my advice to readers, order some Calmin today, Kind regards Martin  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Thank you for publishing Martin’s letter to you regarding his use of your Calmin products. I am Martin’s wife, and can only add to his email that the CALMIN has worked on him so well, it has been fantastic! I would say to anybody with Acne; Try the CALMIN product, it works really well Thank you Debbie Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I would like to thank you…Your products have done wonders for my skin. My doctor did little to help my situation and I left the surgery feeling at a loss with this problem. As for the future I shall ensure to spread the word on your Products. Thanks again. K.W.  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I received your products a few days ago and I love them!! It is working wonders for my skin. Can I please order from you an additional cleanser I would like an extra one for my shower. Lisa. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

. say how pleased I have been with the products. I have been using the gel products for just over a month now and the difference has been amazing!. The horrid dry and flaking patches have almost gone completely and the redness has reduced to a very acceptable level. I am also impressed that both products have not made my skin greasy which is a problem I have had with moisturisers in the past. Finally just to say thanks for your brilliant website for improving my life not just physically but mentally as well. Keep up the good work. Sam  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I would like to say a big thank you for your website and your Products. I am 43 and have been suffering with [acne prone skin] & rosacea for over 20 years. Ive had all the usual antibiotics and creams over the years and although the spots eventually disappeared I was still left with the red skin and thread veins rosacea: When I say your website I thought give it a try Ive nothing to lose. Ive been using your products for 3 weeks and the effect is brilliant the redness and veins are fading and my skin feels great. So keep up the great work like all the letters on your website Im very grateful. Once again thank you. Paul Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

Hi Your skin care products have helped my acne a lot can I place a further order.. E. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

The products arrived promptly and have been fantastic to use for my rosacea . A. M. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

My Doctor recommended your Site . Heather.”  Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

I’m writing to say that if people you correspond with say they would like to try your products but are afraid b/c they are very sensitive you can tell them another very sensitive-skinned person found it caused no reaction at all. Good luck! Cathy Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

My Daughters skin is much improved using your products HS. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*

“I feel compelled to email you having sat from 11.30 – 1.00am last night reading your site www. acne-rosacea.co.uk with tears running uncontrollably down my face. The relief in finding that so many other people have been through/are going through what I am is overwhelming”….Sinead. Rosacea sufferer. Results may vary*


* Disclaimer: Our Calmin products are “NOT MIRACLE CREAMS” or treatments for any medical condition but skin care products designed to protect, soothe, reduce the appearance of redness and cleanse without FURTHER irritation.  In our experience results vary depending on severity, exposure to other triggers (environmental and dietary) and other concurrent skin problems.  We are not medical professionals but simply fellow Rosacea sufferers.  We always advise seeking your Doctors advice for proper diagnosis and prescribed medication if applicable. All Calmin products are sold to those with either Rosacea or hypersensitive skin with a 30 day refund (excluding postage) and since the year 2000 we have received less than 2% back.  NOTE: One refund per product per customer.